Mission Statement

As a leader in green business solutions, Ecco Recycling's mission is to preserve the environment by converting waste into usable products.

How we achieve our mission

Toward this end we identify and take in construction, demolition and manufacturing non-hazardous dry waste produced in the Calgary area; determine all products that can be recycled from this waste; recycle and sell the blend of products that most feasibly and completely utilizes this waste; and store the residuals in our landfill for later processing if and when such becomes feasible.

What we are all about!

Why We Recycle

We want to protect Calgary's environment, and we believe that with our ability to recycle materials which would

What We Recycle

We take left over materials hauled here from new construction sites, demolition and renovation sites

How We Recycle

At our new advanced technology Materials Recycling Facility (MRF), which has North America's